DünenhoFestival – North Sea

What a refreshing place with a cool breeze coming through -DünenhoFestival in Cuxhaven, Germany near the North Sea!  There was a bird sanctuary out by the sea and so we took the early part of the day to walk out, through the muddy patches, with some new friends, to explore the coast.  We got just close enough to see the coastline, but we would have needed a bridge to make it over the big puddles towards the end.  Two nights in a row, late in the evening, we were greeted by the smiling faces of warm, joyful and lovely people!  They clapped to the music, sang with us like they were a proper choir and came up each night afterwards to talk afterwards.  One night a great musician and a brand new friend of ours, Samuel Weber, joined us on drums and percussion and he added some beautiful flavor to each song! It was a pleasure to play both evenings and we hope to return again next year!

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