Photos, Videos and Thoughts from the Summer Tour 2015

Joseph in Heidiland, Switzerland

Joseph in Heidiland, Switzerland

Tammy in Heidiland, Switzerland

Tammy in Heidiland, Switzerland

Hello hello! We want to share some of the highlights of this European Summer Tour 2015 with you. This summer we wanted to do things differently.  In a world where there is a growing demand to be instant and to constantly post about each step, we wanted to take a step back and go “old school” and enjoy, savor and get lost in the moment where we were whether we were playing a concert, hanging with friends, driving through beautiful scenery, exploring a castle, or cooking up some good food we wanted to be present and not constantly search for an internet connection. Does that make sense?

So, here we go, old school style, like when you sit down with your friends after a long trip and show them your photos after you’ve had time to reflect on the experiences.  We want to share some thoughts, memories and stories from the road one week at a time. We hope that you enjoy the photos, videos and stories.

Much Love, Tammy and Joseph

THANK YOU For Making the Chasing Summer European Tour Great!

We had such a great music tour this summer May-August 2015! Thank you for making it fabulous! Thank you to our fans, friends, concert promoters, concert hosts and online supporters! Much love to you! Tammy and Joseph

Chasing Summer - European Tour 2015

Thank you to all who came out to our concerts this summer! Much love to you!

Autostadt – 15th Year Birthday Bash

What an honor to perform at Volkswagen’s Autostadt to celebrate their 15th Birthday! There were amazing performers from all around the world – acrobats, musicians, beatboxers, ribbon artists twirling from the ceiling in beautiful form, incredible fireworks, and lots of wonderful people celebrating! There was an excitement in the air, an amazement that left people wonderstruck (including us)!  We played our Folk/Americana/Country/Bluegrass tunes to the warm and smiling audience.  Playing with fabulous friends and musicians, Alex, Bettina and Will elevated the night! Here is a video and a few pictures from the performances!  Tammy*