Announcing the “Let the Sun Shine In” Tour!

Chasing Summer in Nicaragua

“Let The Sun Shine In” Tour

So, here’s the crazy plan. We leave Nashville on March 1st for an epic journey to go to five countries over the next five months to bring music, art, songwriting and creativity workshops to children all over the world, especially children affected by trauma.

We believe art and music can heal the heart on a deep level. We have seen it firsthand in our own lives, and we’ve seen it in the lives of kids all over the world. We are partnering with five organizations to bring music and art workshops to kids in Nicaragua, Germany, Poland, Israel, and Ghana. 

Our hope is that in doing art and music together, these kids will feel more freedom to create, express, understand their emotions, and have tools to create masterpieces or simply to dream again.  We can’t even imagine the cool things we will learn from these kids, and we want to showcase their art and also create collaborative music recordings. We’ve written brand new songs just for these kids, and we can’t wait to have them sing and record these songs with us for you to hear. 

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