Show in Birmingham January 26th!

Greetings from a cold winter’s day in Nashville!  We are playing our first Birmingham, Alabama show in history this coming Saturday, January 26th at 6pm. It’s a private house concert and YOU are invited, of course! Check us out on Spotify

Just email for the address and details. We are looking forward to playing our music, Tammy Rochelle’s solo music and sharing stories and laughs with you! See you there. Tammy & Joseph

Chasing Summer Tour

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  1. Hallo
    Thank very much for your
    CD’s on the highway in
    It was a pity that the traffic
    jam was over.
    I will listen to your cd’s in
    The weekend and if you are
    Next year in the surrounding
    Of cologne and you need
    A place to sleep just let
    Me know
    Many greetings and thanks

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