Live Stream Concert for #hopesongs!

We were honored to play a live concert as part of the #hopesongs project, a global movement of musicians spreading hope during the pandemic. We were so thankful our incredibly talented friend Matt the Banjo Player could join us as well. He is one of the top banjo players in the world and just an all around awesome guy!

Live Online Concert

Hey there! Here are some live tunes from our living room. We are joined by our sweet pup, Pepita. Since we didn’t get to go on tour this summer we thought we would share some songs with you.

Much love,

Tammy & Joseph

Europe! We’re coming for our Annual Summer Tour!

Summer Tour 2019

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Greetings to you from Nashville, Tennessee! We are coming back to Europe for a Summer Tour THIS Summer with brand new songs & stories! We would love to see you!

Would you like to book a show with Joseph and Tammy, Chasing Summer, for your church, event, festival, wedding or anniversary celebration?

Check out our summer TOUR DATES HERE! 

Just send an email to or reply to this email and let us know. Thank you for following our music and for your love and support. If you haven’t already, please follow us on the socials.


Love, Tammy and Joseph